Ever had a magical week where everything fell into place? What about a series of days when you were super happy and really pleased with yourself when your head hit the pillow each night? There’s nothing magic about having your most productive week and you can clone it over and over again. In this episode, I unveil the tools I use on a weekly basis to have my most productive week every week, so you can, too.


I’m sharing more details of what is highlighted in today’s show including a BONUS tool!:
On the show,
I mentioned the paper planner/agenda/budget tracker that I customized made by Agendio
Here is a peek at a weekly view of my planner:
One of my weekly must-have tools is the Well-Rounded Life One Sheet I created. The worksheet helps me prioritize what needs to get done in every aspect of my life! Download a blank here and get to work! P.S. Have the worse handwriting! 


I swear by my Google Calendar (FREE!) and love having a Google Hub on my office desk! Here is a snapshot of my calendar which can be accessed on my Apple Watch, iPhone and displayed on my Google Hub. Details on how I color code everything is mentioned on today’s episode!


My meal planning ninja tool is Plan to Eat! I love having my family’s meals planned out in advance to save me time and money! The best part, it is super affordable and will actually save you money in the long run! Give it a try here


Asana has helped me stay on track with daily tasks and tracking responsibilities! I have even started using it for my personal goals! It’s a free resource that will be sure to help you in your personal or biz life.


Planoly is THE tool I use to plan out my social media content. I love how I can schedule posts weeks and advance and Planoly will auto post for me! How cool is that?!


Dubsado is what I use for my CRM to help me send out proposals, contracts, invoices and more! The ultimate tool for making sure your clients have the best customer service and client experience. 


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