Episode 70 | What One Attorney Has to Say About Getting Serious as An Entrepreneur and Launching Your ISH with Kunbi Odubogun


About the Show:

All of us have something that we are terrified to launch into the world. When it comes down to it, we’re teeter-tottering between ambition and self-doubt. So how do we get off the playground and get serious? How do we stop messing around and launch our ISH? I’m chatting with the one attorney you need in your back pocket to help you move forward in spite of your fear.

Meet Kunbi:

Kunbi Odubogun is a Business Attorney, Speaker, and Publisher with over 10 years of professional experience in the creative legal industry. She’s passionate about working with talented and enthusiastic entrepreneurs and has dedicated her practice to helping these creators be #LegallySet and protected in business. She is the creator of Legally Set- a digital shop that offers a wide selection of professional, attorney-drafted contract templates, all ready-made for you. She’s also the host of the podcast “Launch That Ish”, where she shares inspiration and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their business. When not Lawyering or Publishing, Kunbi enjoys spending time with her family (which means chasing around her toddler) and watching Criminal Minds and Forensic Files – because life is about balance.


Connect with Kunbi:

Website: legallyset.com

Instagram: @legallyset/@kunbiesq

Clubhouse: @legallyset

Email: hello@legallyset.com

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