Episode 43:  Sarajane Case: The Enneagram and a Well-Rounded Life

Unless you’re living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard the word “enneagram.” Sarajane Case is the must-hear voice and expert on the enneagram. In fact, her wildly popular Instagram account Enneagram and Coffee (@enneagramandcoffee) is the go-to place for learning all things personality types. In this episode, Sarajane gives us the 101 scoop on the enneagram and how we can use it to live more well-rounded.

Meet Sarajane Case:

Sarajane Case is an author, speaker and podcaster based out of Asheville, NC. She’s been featured in publications like apartment therapy, the every girl, parade magazine and was named a 2018 person on the rise by honey book. With an instagram account of over half a million followers, a podcast that regularly stays at the top of the charts in self-help and a book coming out in April of 2020 Sarajane is a rising leader in the self-help industry. You can find more from her on Instagram at www.instagram.com/enneagramandcoffee, her podcast – Enneagram & Coffee can be found on iTunes and Spotify and her website is www.enneagramandcoffee.com Make sure to pre-order her book ‘The Honest Enneagram’ wherever books are sold.

Take the test recommended by Sarajane and find out your enneagram number here.

*A condensed and free enneagram test may be found here

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/enneagramandcoffee

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